Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century 

Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century is a series of refereed, scholarly e-publications focusing on various aspects of nineteenth-century art and culture.

Vol 1 Between Light and Darkness: New Perspectives in Symbolism Research
The first issue in the publication series Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century is a continuation of the 2010 symposium Between Light and Darkness. Themes of this publication are religion, mysticism, and subjectivity in Symbolist art and theory, the fin-de-siècle relationship between art and science, and the continuation of the Symbolist influence after the fin-de-siècle period.

Vol 2 The Idea of North: Myth-making and Identities
The articles collected in this  volume shed light on mythical conceptualisations of the North and northern identities from various perspectives relating to art and visual culture in the Nordic countries, Scotland, and Canada. The authors examine revivals and assimilations of the North, taking into consideration issues such as mythical origins, spiritual agendas, and notions of race and nationalism, tackling also those aspects of northernness that attach themselves to politically sensitive issues.



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