Between Light and Darkness: New Perspectives in Symbolism Research


Riikka Stewen Foreword

Lynn L. Sharp Keynote Speech — Truths Beyond Reason: Fluidité in the French fin-de-siècle

Juliet Simpson Science, Belief and the Art of Subjectivity: From Fromentin’s to Huysmans’s Modern Primitifs

Sonia Lagerwall In Search of the “Chimerical” Émile Zola: Le Rêve illustrated by Carlos Schwabe

Damien Delille Queer Mysticism: Elisàr von Kupffer and the androgynous reform of art

Marja Lahelma Lure of the Abyss: Symbolism of Surface and Depth in Edvard Munch’s Vision (1892)

Minna Turtiainen Adolf Paul: Farmer, Musician, Author and Dramatist in Between Identities


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Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, vol. 1
Publisher The Birch and the Star – Finnish Perspectives on the Long 19th Century
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Editor Marja Lahelma
Designer Tuija Kuusela
Cover illustration Hannaleena Heiska, Stargazer, 2007
Helsinki 2014
ISBN: 978-952-93-4025-5


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