The Idea of North: Myth-Making and Identities

Preface – Frances Fowle and Marja Lahelma

Introduction: Conceptualising the North at the Fin de Siècle – Frances Fowle and Marja Lahelma

Sámi, Indigeneity, and the Boundaries of Nordic National Romanticism – Bart Pushaw

Photojournalism and the Canadian North: Rosemary Gilliat Eaton’s 1960 Photographs of the Eastern Canadian Arctic – Danielle Siemens

Quaint Highlanders and the Mythic North: The Representation of Scotland in Nineteenth Century Painting – John Morrison

The North, National Romanticism, and the Gothic – Charlotte Ashby

Feminine Androgyny and Diagrammatic Abstraction: Science, Myth and Gender in Hilma af Klint’s Paintings – Jadranka Ryle


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Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, vol 2.
Publisher: The Birch and the Star – Finnish Perspectives on the Long 19th Century
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Editors: Frances Fowle and Marja Lahelma
Designer: Vilja Achté
Cover illustration: Vilja Achté
Helsinki 2019
ISBN: 978-952-94-1658-5