Programme: Between Light and Darkness, 9-10 December 2010

Between Light and Darkness – International Symposium on Fin-de-siècle Symbolism

Thursday  9th December

9.00 –10.00 Registration at Ateneum Art Museum, Kaivokatu 2

 Ateneum Hall

10.00 Welcome Speech, Riikka Stewen

Session A: Ateneum Hall

10.30 Hitomi Shoji: “Decadent Subject, Symbolist Images, and Modernist method: Rereading Arthur Symons’ London Nights”

11.00 Ikuho Amano: “Beyond the Façade of Mysticism: A Symbolist Cult of Beauty from Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Le martyr de Saint Sèbastien to Mishima Yukio”

11.30 Irene Gras Valero: “The Introduction of Decadentism in the Fin-de-siècle Catalonia”

Session B: Lindström Room

10.30 Sonia Lagerwall: In Search of the ‘Chimerical’ Émile Zola. Carlos Schwabe’s Le Rêve

11.00 Damien Delille: Queer Mysticism: androgynous figures and esoteric discourses, from Charles Filiger to Elisàr Von Kupffer

11.30 Jérémie Cerman: “Manuel Orazi’s Symbolist Work: from satanic to fantastic Illustrations”

12.00 Lunch Break

Session A: Ateneum Hall

13.00 Laura Gutman-Hanhivaara: Under the Starry Sky, The Symbolist Nocturne by Vincent Van Gogh and Akseli Gallen-Kallela

13.30 Minna Turtiainen: Adolf Paul – the Fallen Prophet of Music, Literature and Painting Between Nationalities

14.00 Natalia Ostashova: “Symbolism in Russian culture between XIX-XX centuries”

Session B: Lindström Room

13.00 Juan C. Bejarano: “Altars of the Self: The influence of religion on the self-portrait and the image of the artist in the age of Symbolism”

13.30 Nina Kokkinen: The Hermetic Initiation to Divinity and the Sublimation of the Modern Artist

14.00 Per Faxneld: “Imitatio satanae: The Devil as a role model in Symbolist art, literature and art criticism”

 Ateneum Hall

14.30 Ville Lukkarinen: “Gustave Moreau – Paintings from Pictures”

15.00 Juliet Simpson: “Science, Belief and the Art of Subjectivity: From Fromentin’s to Huysmans’ Regressive Modern ‘Masters’”

15.30 Jens Lohfert Jørgensen: “Bacteriological Qualities of the Occult Writings of Huysmans and Strindberg”

16.00 Coffee Break

 Ateneum Hall

16.30 Keynote Speech, Jean-Michel Nectoux: “Mallarmé, Degas and Debussy: A Trilogy,” lecture-concert accompanied by the pianist Laura Havu

19.00 Buffet Dinner, Café Cubus (Ateneum 3rd Floor)

Friday 10th December

Ateneum Hall

9.30 Nichole Gleisner: “Alain-Fournier: 20th century Symbolist?”

10.00 Allison Morehead & Elizabeth Otto: “Sphinx, Symbolism, and the Graphical Traces of Modernism”

10.30 Marja Väätäinen: “Sixten Ringbom and the Occult Elements in Modern Art”

11.00 Silja Rantanen: “Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater: Thought Forms Seen through the Eyes of a Contemporary Artist”

11.30 Coffee Break

Ateneum Hall

11.45 –12.45 Keynote Speech, Lynn Sharp: “Truths Beyond Reason in the French Fin de Siècle”

14.00-19.00 Excursion to Hvitträsk, Villa Gyllenberg, and The Gallen-Kallela Museum