Author Guidelines

Send your manuscript (c. 6000-8000 words, excluding endnotes) as an MS Word (.doc/.docx) document to marja.lahelma(at)

The submission should include:

  • A separate cover sheet indicating your full name and title, address, phone number, email address, and the title of your submission. Please ensure that your name does not appear anywhere other than on the cover sheet.
  • A short introduction of yourself (2-3 sentences).
  • A list of illustrations with caption information.
  • All images (size c. 150 dpi)

Use endnotes instead of footnotes. All references to publications and the like should appear in full form (including place of publication and publisher) only once. Subsequent appearances should use a short form: surname of author, short title, and page reference (consult The Chicago Manual of Style

If you are responsible for some of the translations, add at the head of the notes: “Unless otherwise indicated, translations are mine.” Foreign-language quotations in both text and notes should be translated into English, unless the significance of the quotation will be lost. The original text may be included in a note.

Images are welcomed but it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permissions and to pay all reproduction fees. Use the following format for captions: Artist, Title (in italics), date, medium on support, dimensions in inches (h. x w. x d.) followed by dimensions in centimetres, Name of collection, City of collection, Copyright or credit-line info regarding both the photograph and the artwork (in parentheses).