This is your opportunity to hear about our activities and join in planning for the future. Come along and have your say!​​

Please join us for the The Annual General Assembly of the Birch and the Star on Wednesday August 19th, 2020 at 5 p.m. at Villa Gyllenberg (Kuusisaarenpolku 11, Helsinki).

The meeting is followed at 6 p.m. by a visit to the exhibition “The Path to Hidden Knowledge” curated by PhD Nina Kokkinen. The maximum group size for the guided tour is 20 persons, so due to limited access please sign up for the tour by Monday August 17th via email to

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Agenda for the Annual General Assembly:
1. Opening of the general annual meeting
2. Election of the Chairman and secretary of the meeting and two persons to verify the minutes
3. Quorum
4. Adoption of the Agenda
5. Financial report and Annual report 2019
6. Review of the Financial Report and discharge of the Board
7. Action plan, budget and membership fee 2020
8. Election of chair of the association and other board members
9. Election of auditor and vice auditor of the association
10.  Other matters