“The themes drawn from the key ideas supporting the European Revivals project are still powerfully resonant in the early 21st century. People’s lifestyles, indigenous material culture, national myths, forming personal or collective identities and the meaning of native landscape or nature in general still have an enduring significance today.”
Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff and Riitta Ojanperä in the foreword to European Revivals: From Dreams of a Nation to Places of Transnational Exchange.

This multifaceted and rich publication contains thirteen articles exploring the connections and correspondences that have helped to shape the identities of modern European nations. It marks the culmination of the ‘European Revivals’ research project and its accompanying series of six international conferences inaugurated in Helsinki in 2009 with subsequent conferences held also in Oslo, Krakow and Edinburgh.

The complete book can be downloaded as a Pdf on the Finnish National Gallery’s website at research.fng.fi.

‘European Revivals – From Dreams of a Nation to Places of Transnational Exchange’ (ISBN 978-952-7371-09-1)

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